October 28, 2008

With some troubles, there's a new post!

  • Again, it’s been a while since my last post. I did have my computer, but I was at a week-long orientation in Izmir. We weren’t actually in Izmir, actually an hour away, but it was at a four star hotel!
  • Pretty much my week was awesome, I loved seeing everyone again and seeing that we all had the same problems adjusting. The sessions were a little boring, so were the daily Turkish lessons, but I still managed to laugh a lot. I can’t recall all the sessions, but essentially I learned that I need to communicate my problems to people around me or else I’m easily overwhelmed.
  • On Friday, the last day =(, we went to Efes (Ephesus in Turkish) and the Virgin Mary’s house (where she lived after Jesus’ death) There will eb pictures of these!
  • It was great not having to go to school or be a member of a family, but sadly I’m back =( It’s hard not being with the exchange students and AFS volunteers, around them is the only place that I feel I really belong. Coming home (I got there at 6 in the morning after a 10:30 p.m. bus on Friday), I just fell asleep and pretty much feel like crap. I don’t feel like trying to continue being happy, polite or even learn Turkish. Honestly, I feel like going home. But I always do when I feel down.
  • Maybe my problems will get better if I talk to my counselor and start communicating better and trying to be occupied, seeing Istanbul. Even if its easy to just go home, I need to start planning things after school and to go see the wonderful city I’m so lucky to be in. It’s just that I feel like I’m really not meant to be here a whole year.
  • Well, it’s kind of annoying: Blogger is now blocked in Turkey! First YouTube, now this! But I will just be using a proxy and will still post! Sorry for the short-ish post, but I just wanted to give you some info about my life and there will be more!
GOOD NEWS- Blogger was blocked mysteriously for liek two days, hopefully posting will continue without glitches


vickiroxx said...

Gabe, I know what you mean about feeling like you don't quite belong. I have been there many times in life and one thing I have realized is "language" is the key to everything. Take your own advice, it's the best I've ever heard! It is really inspiring that you have taken on going to school in really a whole different world. You r inspiring. :-))) Thank you for sharing how it is so honestly.

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