November 25, 2008

Şu şişe su şişesi, şu şişe süt şişesi

Thats a Turkish tongue twister, say THAT 10 times fast! Well, its my last week. Some sadness, but an overwhelming excitement is the main feeling for me. Going to see the palaces and some places in Sultanahmet before I go. And the Bazaar, to egt gifts for you all =) Ive had some good times, some bad, made friends and still learned things. Some people dont understand my decision, but others do. I know I made the right decision and thats all thats important! Im leaving December 1st for almost 24 straight hours of international flight. FUN!!! But thats what tylenol PM ıs for! Cant wait to return to my 'normal' life. Ive gotten used to living here, besides the language and school, and even though I wasnt always happy, Ill still miss some thıngs- mainly my AFS friends. People ın Turkey- Ill miss you all People at home- cant wait to see you soon!!!

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Esin said...

Ahh!!! sultanahmet , Grand Bazaar and Hagia Sophia are great.

I want to fly to Istanbul.